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The second largest used healing method in the world, Homoeopathy, dates back its origin to the end of 19th century. The originator, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann of Germany, is credited with providing the mankind with the healing power that revolutionised the medical profession.

Homoeopathy (Gk. Homoios ="similar", pathos ="suffering") works on the basic premise of ‘Similia similibus curentur’, i.e. similars are cured by similars. It is a universal law of nature. A medicinal substance will heal those symptoms of a sick person which it has caused to appear in the healthy.

Every symptom represents the result of the efforts of our body’s vital system to defend against external causative influences, circumstances or agents. Modern science is now ever increasingly demonstrating that fever, inflammation, pain, discharge, loss or derangement of vital functions like sleep, food and drinks etc, represent the body’s best efforts to heal. However these efforts are not always successful. Hence, the medicinal substance which helps and mimics this defence is all the more appropriate. Homoeopathic medicines provide the vital system with the required boost and the healing response is elicited.

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a system of medicine originated in Germany in 1794, which is based on the principle of The Law of Similars.when a healthy prover takes the homoeopathic medicine starts showing pathogenic symptoms pertaining to the drug. whereby a substance which is capable of producing a disease like state in healthy volunteers of human being is administered to the patient, but in a very minute dose, to cure the similar disease. As the dose is minute the action of medicine don’t continue in the body for a long period hence no side effect with homoeopathic medicine.

Actually, homeopathy works much beyond traditional medicine as it is dynamised.. Here, the dose administered is unbelievably miniscule, which renders if absolutely harmless yet very powerful.

Contrary to the conventional medicine, the action of homeopathy is much safer, deeper acting, somewhat slower, and results much longer lasting by energizing the body's curative powers. And, it works!

Homeopathy is amongst the youngest and latest medicines calling for more research and promotion. Future will see much advanced form of homeopathy, At International Study & Research Centre, we practice and document scientific form of homeopathy.

How does it work?

‘’A weaker dynamic affection is permanently extinguished in the living organism by a stronger one,if the latter (whilst differing in kind)is very similar to the former in its manifestations’’.

There are many other theories on how exactly homeopathic medicine works. As supported in major clinical trials and in practice, it is believed to be working by stimulating body's own healing mechanisms.

For example, in case of diseases which are caused by infection, it seems to be working by stimulating the production of antibodies, defense blood cells, etc.

In cases of immune diseases, it seems to be working by correcting the immune mechanism responsible for altered immunity.

In case of painful conditions, by activating body's anti-pain mechanisms.

Similarly, its action must be on the lines of being antispasmodic, anti-allergic, immuno-modulatory, anti-inflammatory, hormone stimulatory, anti-carcinogenic, etc..

A proper, expert homoeopathic treatment effects positive changes at many levels of existence. It increases energy levels and focus, improves the quality of life, helps in adaptation to the circumstances and ensures correction of the immune system. This leads to lesser frequency, intensity and occurrence of illnesses.

What can it do?

Homeopathy boasts to be highly efficacious medicine especially for chronic diseases.

Especially in case of chronic, long standing and recurring diseases like allergies,allergic rhinitis, arthritis,bronchitis, Bronchial asthma, Fissure in ano, Migraine, Piles, Psoriasis, Rheumatism, Sinusitis, ulcerative colitis, vitiligo etc. Homeopathy offers results which can be life changing in a real sense.

In the cases of allergic diseases like Asthma, urticaria, and the like, it can enhance body's immune mechanism is such as way that the body no more reacts in abnormal way by producing constricted bronchial tubes, abnormal release of histamine result into spasm, inflammation, etc.

In cases of ulcerative diseases (like Ulcerative colitis), it leads the immune mechanism to enhance ulcer healing mechanism.

In cases of chronic infections (e.g.Hepatitis C ) it reduces the count and activities of the virus. Likewise, it works for all forms chronic and acute infections.

This goes true for most chronic diseases.

What are all the Sources of Homeopathic Medicines?

Homeopathic medicines are prepared from three major sources namely Mineral Kingdom, Vegetable Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. Most of the elements and compounds like metals, salts, alkalis and acids from Mineral Kingdom; various herbs and plants, either whole or their specific parts like flowers, leaves, roots etc. from Vegetable Kingdom; various insects, animal products, venom of snakes etc. from Animal Kingdom are the sources of Homeopathic medicines.

There are three other classes of Homeopathic medicines - Nosodes, Sarcodes and Impondarablia. Nosodes are the medicines prepared from disease producing organisms like bacteria, viruses, etc., and from disease products like Tuberculosis Lungs, Cancerous Tissues etc. Sarcodes are the medicines prepared from healthy organs or tissues of organisms like Thyroid, Pituitary, Pancreas etc. Impondarablia comprises of the medicines derived from energy sources like x-ray, Solar Rays, Electricity etc. Now a new classes of medicines called tautopathic medicines are available, to remove the bad effects of other medications


After selecting the homoeopathic medicine by the process of comparison of the drug picture with the patients disease picture, the medicine is administered in 'POTENTISED' form. This brings us to the question of what potentisation is. Potentisation is the process of minimising, rather negating the toxic effects of the crude drug substance and increasing its dynamic, curative property. This is done by two methods called 'Succussion' and 'Trituration'.

In Succussion those drugs that are soluble in Alcohol or Water are serially diluted with the media either alcohol or water and every dilution is followed by vigorous shaking which allows uniform mixing of drug substance in alcohol or water.

In Trituration those drugs that are not soluble in liquid media are thoroughly grounded with lactose (Sugar of milk) in a serial order.

The succussions and triturations are done mainly on two scales of potencies 'Decimal scale' and 'Centesimal scale'. In decimal scale the dilutions and triturations are prepared in the proportion of one part of the medicine to nine parts of the media (The media with which the potentisation is done like Alcohol, Water, Lactose are called as vehicles). Here the presence of the original drug substance will be 1 in 10. The decimal scale is denoted by the letters 'X' or D. Hence 1X or ID means the given medicine contains 1 part of the original drug substance and 9 parts of the vehicle. 2X or 2D means 1/100 times diluted, 3X or 3D means 1/1000 times diluted, 6X or 6D means 1/106 times diluted, 12X or 12D means 1/1012 times diluted.

In centesimal scale the drugs are diluted in the proportion of 1 in 100. That is 1 part of the drug is diluted in 99 parts of the vehicle. The centesimal potency is denoted by the letter 'C'. Hence 1C means the given medicine contains 1 part of the original drug substance and 99 parts of the vehicle. 2C means 1/10000 times diluted 6C means 1/1012 times diluted 200C means 1/10400 times diluted. (In practice for centesimal scale the letter 'C' is dropped; hence 200C is written simply as 200).

Now, we have been able to go further into dilution with the 50 millicimal potency or LM potency, which takes a substance diluted upto 1 / 106 into further dilutions in the denominations of 50,000

The boon for persistent, relapsing and recurring illnesses

Modern medicine unwittingly acknowledges its helplessness in the treatment of the multitude of chronic, persistent, inveterate relapsing illnesses. A person who is diagnosed with any of such illnesses is left to fend for oneself. After knocking the door of many physicians, finally one has to be content with leaving the whole episode at God’s mercy. It is here that the services of Homeopathy come as a welcome boon.

In boosting the immune system and joining forces with the internal vitality against the disease causing influences, lies the supreme healing power of homoeopathic medicines. The vitality is thus strengthened, and, in long run, more resistant to harmful occurrences. Innumerable people from around the globe have taken homoeopathic treatment after failing to get relief by any type of treatment, and have become lifelong converts and adherents. It can only be felt to be realised!

Why Homoeopathy: the factors

Homoeopathy is the most scientific holistic system of medicine, that strives to treat body, mind and soul. Its philosophical basis provides a strong foundation for carrying out the healing process without getting diverted to any harmful treatment process.

It does away with the need to take many medicines simultaneously, one after another in conjunction. Rather homoeopathy believes in keeping it ‘simple and single’. Therefore, often, the most exact medicine required for the specific person is prescribed in the appropriate dose, in order to give the necessary innocuous stimulus to the vital energy. Such innocuous stimulus takes the straight path towards healing.

The mankind is the most unique creation of the God. It is gifted with the most developed brain and nervous system which separates it from all other creatures. When a drug trial is conducted on lower animals like rats, rabbits and monkeys, the effects of the drugs are noted in terms of observational data and laboratory test values. However, can their mind be read? This very thing makes the application of animal tested drugs on human beings potentially unsafe. And it often happens that a celebrated drug is withdrawn from the market after a few years because of its dangerous side effects!

Homoeopathic medicines are not tested on animals. They are tested on healthy human beings. Since the medicines are innocuous, harmless and natural, they can be safely administered even to healthy volunteers! They leave behind no residual side effects or changes in the healthy state. The various feelings, pains, sensations which these volunteers experience, are noted down. This data forms our Materia Medica. If you ever decide on starting homoeopathic treatment for yourselves or your loved ones, be absolutely assured that the medicine that will be administered, has already been tested on healthy human beings. Moreover, due to homoeopathic treatment, hundreds of animals are saved from an immature death during drug trials!

Micro doses, comprehensive effects

Scientific research is putting up substantial evidences of the powerful biochemical effects of extremely low concentrations of biological agents. Beta-endorphins in the brain can modulate natural killer cell activity in dilutions of 10-18 (i.e. when diluted 1: 10, eighteen times). Pheromones (hormones emitted externally by various animals and insects) result in hypersensitive reaction when as little as a single molecule is received.

The Arndt – Schulz law states that weak concentrations of biological agents stimulate physiological activity, medium concentrations of agents depress physiological activity, and large concentrations halt physiological activity. This phenomenon has been termed hormesis in scientific parlance.

The process of potentization leads to arousal of the inherent, dormant vital powers of the medicinal substances. Their inner cell activity is taken to new unscaled heights where they behave as dynamic energy channels. At extremely unfathomable dilutions, they enter the human dynamic plane, and open up the blocked channels, leading to a free flow of the vital energy, a prerequisite to the healing response of the organism.

What Homoeopathy is not

Homeopathy is not a miracle medicine:

Many people believe that homeopathy is a miracle science, it can make magical cure in even most incurable diseases such as cancer, comatose stages, paralysis, etc. Actually, it is not. Homeopathy is simple a science based on certain laws (law of similars, comparable with that of vaccinations); with its own scope and limitations. There are rules, parameters and methods of application, which determine the scope of treatment.

Homeopathy is very effective but please do not expect magic or miracles.

Homeopathy is not placebo therapy:

The skeptics have always criticized homeopathy as placebo therapy, due to lack of adequate research as per modern medicine guidelines. Since the results using homeopathic medicines are fairly reproducible, measurable and documentable, I would strongly say that homeopathy is far beyond placebo therapy.

Homeopathy is not beyond the modern medical science:

The well-evolved medical knowledge acquired by medical science is very much required for the evolution of homeopathy. Homeopathy does not claim to be beyond the modern medical science. In fact, it is high time to understand that homeopathy and medical science are not distinctly different as far as the ‘medicine’ is concerned. They are not contrary but complementary and collaborating; belonging to the same medical science.

Homeopathy is not against the modern medicine:

Some may believe that ‘modern medicine’ and homeopathy against each other, contrary; kind of enemies! I have always wondered, how such concepts have grown in the minds of medicos, homeopaths and lay-people. Homeopathy is just a science; a part of medical science.

If we look at the evolution of engineering sciences, do we believe that computer engineering is contrary to the electronics; mechanical engineering opposing to electrical or civil engineering’s? Not really. They all are complementing each other. Why don’t we have maturity when it comes to medical sciences?

Homoeopathy is not against surgery:

As per Homoeopathic concept, there are ‘’So called surgical diseases ‘’ likes piles/fissure in ano , poly cystic ovarian diseases , ovarian cyst, etc they can be cured by Homoeopathic treatment but needs no surgery.There are certain diseases such as hernia, mature cataract, fistula-in-ano.Which falls under ‘’absolute surgical diseases ‘’ they need surgery.Hence Homoeopathy is not against surgery.

Facts and myths.

Myth 1: Homeopathy gives same white medicines for all diseases

Fact: What seems so is not true. The white pills which you are dispensed from a homeopath are only neutral vehicles or carriers of actual medicines that is sprinkled on them. When the actual drug is poured on these white pills they get coated with the curative power of the drug. Different drugs are usually poured in various differing potencies as to best suit different patients. There are about 3000 medicines and 10 variable potencies (powers of medicines) of each medicine so minimum 30,000 various permutation and combinations are utilized.

Myth 2: Homeopathy is slow to act

Fact: Not really. Homeopathic medicines act rapidly and the effect lasts much longer rather it's permanent, as disease is removed from roots. The time taken for the cure depends on the chronicity of the disease & how accurately the similimum is prescribed.

Myth 3: Homeopathic medicines haves steroids

Fact: It is a myth that homeopathy is slow to act, and when people see excellent and quick results in acute and chronic cases, they feel that homeopathic medicines contain steroids. But it is not true, homeopathic medicines are prepared from natural substances and are sweet. Steroids taste bitter and so THERE ARE NO STEROIDS in homeopathic medicines.

Myth 4: Homeopathy is not a Medicine of emergency

Fact: Homeopathy has wonderful remedies to give quick relief in acute conditions like fever, cold and cough, pneumonia, diarrhea, migraine, injuries etc.

Myth 5: Homeopathic medicines cannot beat antibiotics

Fact: It is a wrong notion, over years it is observed that the cases of infections have great results with homeopathic medicine and no antibiotics are needed. And patients do not develop any side effects or complications at all.

Myth 6: There are lots of food restrictions with homeopathic medicines

Fact: Homeopathic medicines are absorbed from the tongue and the inner lining of the mouth hence patients are asked not to eat or drink any thing for 15 minutes before and after taking the medicine. Also, one has to avoid onions, garlic, coffee and mint as they may antidote the medicine. These are few of the restrictions.

Myth 7: Homeopathy cannot be taken along with other medications

Fact: Homeopathic medicines can be taken along with other medications without any side effects and complications. Homeopathic medicines also help in reducing the side effects of the conventional therapy like in case of cancer. Homeopathic medicine will help in alleviating the side effects of chemotherapy and radiations and boosts the resistance.

Myth 8: Diabetic patients cannot take homeopathic medicines as they are sweet

Fact: Diabetics can take homeopathic medicines without any fear of increasing the blood sugar levels as homeopathic medicines are composed of lactose and not glucose which is harmful for diabetes. Also the amount of sugar in homeopathic medicines consumed in one week is not more then one tea spoonful of sugar. And still if the patient disagrees to this, homeopathic medicines can be taken in liquid form which is not sweet.

Myth 9: Homeopathy cannot help in certain diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cancer etc.

Fact: It is not true. Homeopathy is effective equally in all disease conditions from common cold to cancer. Rather homeopathy is effective and alleviates the pain even in last stages of cancer where the strongest of painkillers fail to help